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Sandro Chaviano



Sandro Chaviano is a registered nurse by day and an erotica author by night. Through compelling and steamy storytelling, he imparts his readers with a much-needed escape from day-to-day life and its countless stressors.


Sandro's initial spark of inspiration entered his life many years ago after leaving his home country, a beautiful Caribbean island he carries in his heart. Before attempting to bring his vision to fruition, the Cuban-American author told his friends and family about it and their support and positive feedback encouraged him to pursue his dream. Ultimately, this led to the release of his new book titled Desire Slaps, the story that will transport the reader into a world of pleasures.


When he isn't penning sultry plots into existence, you can find this emerging writer immersed in all things creative, from singing to painting. He also enjoys capturing the beauty of his world travels through a camera lens. To find out more about the author and his upcoming books, visit his official website at


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28-may, 10:43 a. m. EDT
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